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Welcome to the ReferralNet support site, this site is focussed on providing clear and concise information on the ReferralNet services framework. It will be updated regularly with information regarding new and upcoming ReferralNet features, support documentation, articles and SDK's for developers.

ReferralNet Messaging

ReferralNet Messaging is a secure framework for the exchange of clinical and patient information between healthcare practitioners. ReferralNet includes several components that can run on either Windows and / or Apple Macintosh computers. Referralnet uses Web Services technology to send and receive messages rather than SMTP / POP3, IMAP or MAPI.

Security is ensured by the use of digital certificates to encrypt and decrypt messages in conjunction with enforced transport protection. In order to use ReferralNet Messaging you need either a site certificate or an individual certificate issued by Medicare Australia.

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Software Suite

Global Health supply a suite of products that enable you to send and/or receive secure messages through the ReferralNet services. Each of these products suit different use cases, so it is important that you assess each against your individual requirements. The product table below will help you decide on which product or indeed products best suit your needs. If none of the products really satisfy, please send us an email or contact support to discuss other alternatives.

ReferralNet Agent The most flexible and feature rich of all our offerings, supports the ability to both send and receive in either interactive or non-interactive modes and is the primary choice for bridging between 3rd party applications.
ReferralNet Client A rich desktop application that follows the familiar email application look and feel, it supports integrated voice capture, image annotation and dynamic templating. If you don't have an existing application and want an email like experience with a twist, then this product could be well suited to your requirements.
OSX Genie Agent This is a fit for purpose application for sending and or receiving messages between ReferralNet and the Genie clinical management software on the Apple Macintosh.

It is possible to use a combination of our products, the plug-in for sending messages from Microsoft Word and the agent for receiving incoming messages. There are however, combinations we do not recommend, particularly the agent + desktop client combination, which can compete with each other if not carefully and correctly configured.

You also aren't limited to using any of the products listed above as the ReferralNet messaging service can be integrated to 3rd party applications, with the MediLink practice management application being one example of this approach. Alternatively, you could develop your own custom product and utilise our messaging service where applicable, taking advantage of sample code and detailed documentation available from our developer wiki.

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