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====== RemoveAllowedAttachmentTypes ====== ====== RemoveAllowedAttachmentTypes ======
-Content coming soon+The RemoveAllowedAttachmentTypes operation provides the functionality to remove one or more service categories from a ReferralNet user's account. The list of valid services categories to be removed could be retrieved from the [[dev:refnet_list_allowed_attachment_types|ListAllowedAttachmentTypes ]] operation.  
 +<code xml> 
 +<Request xsi:type="RemoveAllowedAttachmentTypesRequest"> 
 +  <AttachmentType> 
 +    <namespace>urn:smd</namespace> 
 +    <value>http://ns.electronichealth.net.au/ack/sc/deliver/hl7Ack/2012</value> 
 +  </AttachmentType> 
 +If the operation is successful, it will simply return a success soap response.  
 +<code xml> 
 +<rs:RegistryResponse status="Success" /> 
 +If the operation failed, it should return a soap response similar to the one below.  
 +<code xml> 
 +<rs:RegistryResponse status="Failure"> 
 +  <rs:RegistryErrorList> 
 +    <rs:RegistryError codeContext="Attachment type is not currently allowed." errorCode="AttachmentTypeAllowedException" severity="Error"></rs:RegistryError> 
 +  </rs:RegistryErrorList> 
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