The RevokeDocumentSet gives a sender the ability to revoke sent messages that are still not retrieved by the recipient. This is useful especially when the message was sent to the wrong recipient so the sender could recall the it.

<RevokeDocumentSetRequest xsi:type="RevokeDocumentSetRequest">urn:25510aoytbnc</RevokeDocumentSetRequest>

If the operation is successful, it will return the sample soap response below.

<Response xsi:type="rs:RegistryResponseType" status="Success" />

If the operation is not successful, the response stream is as below.

<rs:RegistryResponse status="Failure">
    <rs:RegistryError codeContext="Unable to revoke the document set, it has already been received by the recipient." errorCode="DocumentSetException" severity="Error"></rs:RegistryError>
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