ReferralNet - OSX Genie Agent

The ReferralNet Genie Agent is a Java Application for Mac OSX that sends and receives electronic referrals between Genie and ReferralNet.


To run the Genie Agent on Mac OSX, you will need;

  1. An Apple Macintosh (Intel), running OSX 10.4.xx or 10.5.xx, Snow Leopard is currently not supported.
  2. To download, install and configure the PKI Software Certificate Manager software and follow the instructions in the associated user guide.
  3. To install and configure v7.6.5 upwards of the Genie clinical management software.

Deployment Scenarios

Care should be taken when deciding upon a deployment scenario for the Genie Agent. To ensure optimal performance and success, the Genie Agent should only be deployed as per one of the following scenarios:

Single ReferralNet Account

Configure a single account both within ReferralNet and the Genie Agent. This account will be used for sending and receiving all messages, regardless of the originating user with Genie. Most likely, this would be an account for the site, rather than an individual. Once this has been completed, use message forwarding to route the practitioners ReferralNet accounts to the site account.

This scenario provides maximum flexibility, allowing for addition and removal of practitioners via the ReferralNet administration web pages, without the need to reconfigure the Genie Agent.

Multiple ReferralNet Accounts

If you are configuring multiple ReferralNet accounts within the Genie Agent, there are a number of critical items to consider.

  1. All ReferralNet accounts must be named as the practitioners provider number in Genie. This is due to Genie incorrectly using the provider number for addressing, rather than the ReferralNet ID from the Genie user configuration.
  2. All Genie user configurations must have a valid provider number entered.
  3. Each Genie user must also be successfully configured with the Genie Agent.

This configuration should be avoided, as it requires more setup and does not easily allow for addition or removal of users.


Download the ReferralNet Genie Agent.

If you are using Safari, the Zip file will have been automatically expanded in the 'Downloads' folder. Move the 'GenieAgent' folder to the desired location.

If you using another browser, such as Firefox, please manually expand the downloaded Zip and then move the 'GenieAgent' folder to the desired location.

Once the Agent has been configured, double click 'Install Agent' within the 'GenieAgent' folder. This will schedule the Agent to run periodically.

Note that if there are any errors with the configuration, the Agent will not be installed. You must resolve the configuration issues, and then re-run the Installer.


To configure the Genie Agent, double click 'Configuration' within the 'GenieAgent' folder.

The main configuration dialog is shown:

The configuration items are:

  • Genie Location - The location of the 'ReferralNet' folder within the Genie installation. If your Genie installation does not contain a 'ReferralNet' folder, see Genie Carriers.
  • PSI Location - The location of the PSI Store. See prerequisites for further details.
  • PSI Password - The password specified when the PSI Store was created.
  • Accounts - See the next section.


The account items are:

  • Username - The user's ReferralNet username.
  • Password - The user's ReferralNet password.
  • Email - The user's certificate email address. This is viewable within the PKI Certificate Manager.


To uninstall the Genie Agent, double click 'Uninstall Agent'. Once the Agent has successfully uninstalled, delete the 'GenieAgent' folder.

Genie Carriers

In order to send and receive referrals using the Agent, you must configure Genie to send using the ReferralNet Carrier.

To determine if your version of Genie supports using ReferralNet as a Carrier, open an entry from the Address Book and select the 'Correspondence' tab.

If ReferralNet appears in the 'Preferred Method of Communication'

Configuring ReferralNet Messaging in Genie

Genie Troubleshooting

Unsent messages

If you receive this warning dialog within Genie, there are several potential causes:

  1. Ensure that the Genie Agent has been correctly configured and installed.
  2. Ensure that there are not any instances of the Genie Agent running, potentially displaying error or warning dialogs. Examples include:
  3. If a dialog is being displayed by the Genie Agent, this will prevent it from processing messages. The error or warning should be dismissed, and then the problem resolved (user's password, configuration, etc) to ensure that messages will again be processed.
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