Getting Started With ReferralNet

ReferralNet is a solution that enables you to send electronic messages securely.

In order to use ReferralNet you need a certificate from Medicare, a ReferralNet account, and a ReferralNet Program to send and receive messages.

1. Obtain a Certificate from Medicare

Before you can use ReferralNet, you need to apply for a site certificate with Medicare and upon its receipt, follow their associated installation instructions.

ReferralNet works with both Individual and Location certificates, although location certificates are STRONGLY RECOMMENDED due to the many logistical constraints associated with individual certificates / tokens.

You MUST include an EMAIL ADDRESS in your application to Medicare, ReferralNet will NOT be able to utilise the certificate without an email attribute being present.

2. Register with ReferralNet

Use the registration form at to register yourself with ReferralNet.

Make sure you register with the same email address your certificate is issued to from Medicare.

You will be sent a confirmation email to validate your email address.

3. Download and install the appropriate ReferralNet Program

The ReferralNet Downloads Page provides you with a list of the available programs that can be used to send and receive messages.

For all programs, please read their respective documentation prior to downloading and installing, to ensure your selected program best suits your needs.

Should you require assistance, don't hesitate to contact ReferralNet Support for advice.

ReferralNet Client

The "ReferralNet Client" is an email-like application that allows you to send and receive ReferralNet messages.

ReferralNet Agent

The ReferralNet Agent:

  • Monitors ReferralNet accounts; downloading selected messages
  • Sends messages via ReferralNet (automatically and interactively)

It is commonly used as a bridge between ReferralNet and clinical systems.

ReferralNet Word Plug-In

Send referrals directly from within Microsoft Word.

Getting Started with ReferralNet Form

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