Known Issues

If your issue is not listed below then please make sure you have downloaded and are running the latest version of the ReferralNet Agent. If the problem continues, raise a support ticked by emailing: ReferralNet Support

Server Certificates

If the ReferralNet Agent report an error similar to the following:

"" failed with errorcode 12045: The certificate authority is invalid or incorrect.

Then please check that the GEOTrust Intermediate and Root CA is installed in the windows Root CA and Intermediate CA store. The certificates are officially available from the GEOTrust Site or you can download them here.

Access violations

Access violation at address 7C84CD12 in module 'ntdll.dll'

Upgrading to the latest version of the agent - 3.4.2 or above is recommended.

Access violation at address 77C826DA in module 'rpcrt4.dll'

This seems specific to MS Windows 2003 SP2 and a Microsoft Hot Fix has been issued to address the problem. The error is intermittent and your messages will still be retrieved next time the call to our server is successful. It is recommended that you install the hot fix to address the problem.

Access violation at address 00182150 in module 'rpcrt4.dll'

This applies to Windows 2003 R2 SP2

The following MS Hotfix for this platform may address the issue:

Failed to open database

Failed to open database "C:\ProgramData\ReferralNet-Agent\status.sqlite"

This occurs in Tray-Mode All Users configurations when access controls on "C:\ProgramData\ReferralNet-Agent" prohibit the current user from reading / writing to the directory. Full access to all relevant users should be granted to all files within this directory tree.

It may be possible that this is seen at terminal services sites when there are multiple people running the agent on the same machine writing to the same database concurrently. Please report the situation if it still persists after checking and fixing permissions. Please include a support zip file and some brief description about the configuration of the machine that it is running on when doing so (e.g. Windows 2003, terminal server installation, etc).

Frozen or Failed to finish

"Failed to finish after 3600 seconds, terminated" or

"The application seems to be frozen"

The ReferralNet Agent did not get a response back from the server within the given time. If this only happens occasionally, the server is either unusually busy at the time OR there is a local network issue.

If this happens all the time (every 15 minutes), then it is likely that your local firewalls are blocking access to the ReferralNet server.

If it happens less frequently, then it is possible that there are networking issues at the site.

Medicare Certificates

Current Medicare Certificate not recognised

Some new Medicare issued certificates fail to be recognised by ReferralNet. This is due to the certificates breaking the international certificate standards in one of the fields. If your certificate is not found, then please contact ReferralNet Support and have them create a ReferralNet one for you instead.

Possible attempt to compromise security reported

The system detected a possible attempt to compromise security

The following error is reported in an exception by the agent. This error comes from MS Windows and is due to problems with the local network configuration. "The system detected a possible attempt to compromise security. Please ensure that you can contact the server that authenticated you" See: This is a local network configuration error only and is nothing to do with ReferralNet. You should have your local network admin look into the issue.

Other Questions


Can you give me the password for my certificate?

Simply put, No. We dont have access to the password and no one other than yourself should have it. We can rest the password of your ReferralNet account, but we cannot do this for a certificate. If it is a medicare certificate you will need to contact medicare. If it is a custom self-signed certificate then we can reissue you with new ones however any messages already sent to you will not be able to be decrypted and you will have to contact the sender to have them resend it.

If you set up the agent with the self-installer then a report may have been created with the certificate details and passwords. If you kept this in a safe place you can refer to it in order to re-install the certificate.

Message Status

Why are some messages only marked as "retrieved"?

This occurs because the recipient has a retrieve action that needs client side filtering. Under these circumstances the ReferralNet Agent needs to download (retrieve) the message, decrypt it and check it against the filter. If the message does not match the filter then nothing more is done and it is left on the server.

This currently only happens when matching against HL7 messages, filtering on the individual message types. e.g. Retrieve HL7 REF messages but not other HL7 messages.

This might be done to allow another agent to pick up the messages and process them, however for a message to be left as 'retrieved', no other recieve action is happening.

You should update your agent to retrieve the message types that are not currently being downloaded so that you do not miss out on information. Note that when doing so it is not always appropriate to simply remove the additional filtering as there may be transformations configured specific to the message type being matched. If there is, then another retrieve action is more appropriate.

See ReferralNet Agent - Configuring Receiving for more information.

Messages marked as "Read"

Messages marked as "Read" does not mean that they have been physically read by the recipient. This status means that they have been successfully retrieved and processed and saved to long term storage (normally a Hard Disk Drive) by the recipients computer.

If the recipient has application level acknoledgements turned on in a clinical application that supports them, then you may recieve a return message saying that they have read it in their clinical application. This may show up in your application as an indicator against the message that you sent. For more information on how you clincial application deals with ack's ask your clinical application vendor.

ReferralNet eMails

Notification eMails with incorrect recipient

If you recieve a notification email saying that you have recieved a new message but the only message that you have recieved was addressed to another practitioner at your clinic then this is a sure sign that message forwarding between the two accounts has been set up.

This is not a problem with the system or the notifications. Also note that whilst the contents of a message may be addressed to another individual, this does not mean that the message was sent to you by mistake. Sometimes people send a single message to multiple people so that they are aware of the contents. This situation is akin to writing the body of an email addressed to a given person and then sending it or a copy of it to another person by filling in a different name in the 'to' field.


eMails from ReferralNet come from several different areas:

  1. The ReferralNet Agent
    • The notifications tab has options for addressing error / warning status emails
    • The recieve actions can be set up to send message notification emails
  2. ReferralNet User Accounts
    • These can be configured on our server to generate a number of different notification emails
  3. ReferralNet Reports
    • You can subscribe / unsubscribe to reports (message states, user lists, etc) through raising a support ticked by emailing: ReferralNet Support
  4. Outage Notifications
    • These are sent out to all users to the notification email address specified on your account

If you need help managing ReferralNet eMails or help to turn on off specific types, raise a support ticked by emailing: ReferralNet Support

Service Mode

File System Permissions

If you are running the ReferralNet Agent in Service Mode and it is reporting that it doesnt have permissions on the file system and your system administrator has checked and confirmed that you do, please remind them that Windows Services often run under different account and / or domain policy restrictions.

By default, the ReferralNet Agent running in service mode runs as the "System" account.

Domain Policies also treat services and other non-interactive processes differently when appling access rights as opposed to interactive user sessions. Running the service as a specific user may not be enough to be granted the correct permissions. Please discuss this further with your system administrator.

Is the ReferralNet Agent supported on Windows 8+

The ReferralNet Agent is fully supported on Windows 8 and 8.1 on desktop architectures (i.e. Some tables and netbooks may not work if they are using non x86 processor architectures.

Can I use the Word Plugin with any version of MS Word

The ReferralNet Agent Word Plugin on works with 32bit versions of MS Word.

Currently there is no support for MS Office 2013.

Other options

MasterCare Connect

Global Health's MasterCare Connect product which is specifically designed for customers that do not have a full clinical system or are working on multiple platforms (Windows, OSX, Linux, etc).

With MasterCare Connect you can:

  1. Manage Incoming and outgoing messages
  2. Assign messages to clients
  3. Manage clients and add clinical notes
  4. Drag and drop MS Word documents into clients clinical notes
  5. And much, much more

More information as well as the ability to sign up for a free trial is available from this link:

Sending from MS Word with the RTF to HL7 Transform

As a workaround it is possible to:

  1. configure the ReferralNet Agent for interactive sending from a specified directory with the RTF to HL7 transform (our support team can help you with this)
  2. use the static text option for specifying client data in the word document (
  3. save the word document as RTF in the configured directory
  4. the ReferralNet agent will then detect the file to be sent and prompt you for the recipient
  5. NOTE: The file will be automatically deleted after sending

My Server Has Crashed

What to do if your local server running the ReferralNet Agent has crashed

If your local machine has a hardware fault and needs to get rebuilt, you should contact ReferralNet Support as soon as possible so that we can assist you with any messages you may recieve in the interim.

If you have a copy of the private certificates and its password used to set up the ReferralNet account, then your messages will all be retrievable as soon as a new ReferralNet Agent is set up.

If you do not have a copy of the private certificates any messages that you have already recieved will be able to be retrieved from our server but will not be able to be decrypted. Under this circumstance we can:

  1. Issue with new certificates
  2. Set up your account to use these new certificates
  3. Mark all old messages as failed & deleted
    • Senders with HL7 Acknolledgement processing or that subscribe to our manifest reports will be informed that they failed and can therefore resend them to you
    • This also stops them being retrieved and failing when we do set up a new Agent for you
  4. Ask if we can set up an agent on another machine temporarily for you so that you can continue to recieve your clinical information until a new server is installed
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